2016 Audi RS5 DTM – Glorious Sounds and Pit Stops

2016 Audi RS5 DTM caught practicing pit stops in preparation for upcoming season

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, or DTM for short is a very popular and exciting racing series in Germany. It is comparable in Germany to what NASCAR is in the United States. ¬†Recently, a 2016 Audi RS5 DTM was filmed practicing pit stops at the team’s garage.

The 2016 DTM season kicked off on May 7 at Hockenheim and concludes on October 15 at the same circuit. There are a total of nine events making up the season.

Whereas competing cars in NASCAR and made up of American manufacturers and Toyota, DTM runs racing cars built atop popular German sports cars. This year, there are four teams piloting the Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM, four teams piloting the Audi RS5 DTM and four teams driving the BMW M4 DTM for a total of 12 teams.

This early in the season, many of the drivers and pit crews are practicing their tasks in order to be in the best competitive position they can be in come race time. A spy photographer recently caught one of the teams practicing pit stops at the team garage with their Audi RS5 DTM.

Much like their American counterparts, German DTM pit crews are made up of several members, each with their own assigned task. The objective is to complete their assigned tasks as a team as quickly as possible so that the driver can get back to doing his job.

Regarding the Audi, I would tell you to turn the volume up on your computer or mobile phone to hear the growl of the Audi RS5 DTM.   In my opinion, the sound is just glorious, probably one of the best I have heard in a while.

DTM racing is very exciting and like NASCAR, has a lot of contact action. That is part of the appeal. The drivers competing in DTM are also very good as several have gone on to compete in Formula One.

Looking at how well the 2016 Audi RS5 DTM is practicing, I would say that we are in for an exciting season indeed.


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