2,000 Horsepower Supra is how they do Drag Racing in Qatar

Drag racing is quickly catching on throughout the Middle East. Little could have the designers of the fourth generation Toyota Supra have imagined that their work would become such a popular platform in drag racing over twenty years later.

One such Supra is run by a team from Qatar called Al Anabi Performance. Largely, an in-house build, the secret to their success is a massive 98mm turbocharger. This setup can deliver 85psi and these guys, are not afraid to use ounce of power.

The Al Anabi Performance fourth generation Supra is putting out 2,000 horsepower and being used for 1/8 mile launches.   I will let you process this statement and then we will discuss the time being put on the board.

The monster Supra is able to complete an 1/8 mile run in 4.38 seconds at 170 miles per hour. This is a ground shaking performance that is sure to provide spectators with one heck of a visual and auditory experience.

Drag racing is very big in Qatar. Check out the video below to see the 2,000 horsepower Supra and get a taste of the local drag racing scene.

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