One-Off Porsche 959 Convertible for Sale

Porsche 959 Convertible, everything that was right about the 80s

The ultimate 80s Porsche icon, the 959 is as much a benchmark of automotive technology as it is of eighties excess.

What is more outrageous than a real 959? How about a real 959 convertible? Yes, you heard that correctly, a real 959 convertible. One is for sale in a small northern Italian town close to Venice.

An ad in Classic Trader lists the dealer as ADR Motorsports, a firm that deals only in Porsches. As would be expected, a price is not listed. However, you can bet that it will sell for major money as all Porsche 911s have over the past several years.

This particular car was delivered from the factory to German race car driver Jurgen Lassig.  He drove a Porsche 956 and 962C in the World Sportscar Championship in the 80s and early 90s.

A one-off from tragedy

Rumor has it that Mr. Lassig was driving the 959 on the German Autobahn at around 140 miles per hour when he was cut off by a much slower Audi. The 959 ended up on its roof and was written off. Rather than heading the scrap yard, it was purchased by a customizing firm.

Inspired by the 911 convertible that had been on the market for a few years by that time, the customizing firm cut off the 959s roof. The parts components used for the 959 top were from the 911 convertible.

The vehicle includes a metal top with a built-in sunroof was kept to use as a hardtop on colder days.  It includes a large wood box to store the roof when it is not on the car.

With just over 8,100 kilometers and finished in white with a blue leather interior, the 959 convertible really lives up to all that was good with the 80s.

UPDATE:  The vehicle is still for sale.


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