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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Country: Italy

Year: 1910

Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Stellantis and an Italian premium vehicle manufacturer. The firm was formed in Milan, Italy, on June 24, 1910. “Alfa” is an acronym for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili,” the company’s original name. Because anonymous investors created it, “Anonima” implies “anonymous,” which was a legal kind of company at the time. Since 1911, the company has been involved in auto racing and is known for sporty vehicles. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, responsible for the production of Alfa Romeo automobiles, was consolidated with the PSA Group to form Stellantis.

The 1910 24 HP, created by Giuseppe Merosi, was the company’s first vehicle. A.L.F.A. entered motor racing in 1911, with drivers Franchini and Ronzoni competing in two 24-hp versions in the Targa Florio. Nicola Romeo, a Neapolitan entrepreneur, took over the company in August 1915 and transformed it to make military gear for the Italian and Allied war efforts. The company’s name was changed to Alfa Romeo in 1920, with the Torpedo 20–30 HP being the first automobile to bear the badge.

Alfa Romeo has competed in Grand Prix racing, Formula One, sportscar racing, touring car racing, and rallying with great success. It has participated in works (typically under Alfa Corse or Autodelta) and private entrants as both a constructor and an engine supplier. Alfa Romeo produced its first racing car in 1913, three years after the business was founded, and won the first world championship for Grand Prix cars in 1925. Because of its racing successes, Enzo Ferrari created the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in 1929 as an Alfa Romeo racing team before becoming independent in 1939. It has the most victories of any automotive brand in the world.